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Nigel Collin

Nigel Collin - 2/3 - Inside Small Business

Nigel Collin

What would Denis do? The importance of taking action

Two men he met in the Red Centre taught our columnist the importance of taking action to transform ideas into reality.

Nigel Collin

Are you a superhero or a villain to your team?

We can be the superhero or villain to our team and the people around us, and in small business that’s a very important choice.

Nigel Collin

Beware the three innovation killers!

Many small businesses believe that success and profitable growth rely on finding that one “Eureka” idea, but business success comes from increment…

Nigel Collin

No time for business improvement?

It is one of the dilemmas of small business – if you don’t have thinking time, you will never find ways for business improvement, which is crucial…

Nigel Collin

Five ways to destroy a meeting

Knowing these ways to destroy a meeting and what to do to avoid them will pave way for more productive communication between you and your client.

Nigel Collin

Inspire constant improvement in your team

Business success comes from finding gaps and targeting areas of constant improvement.

Nigel Collin

How to disrupt your industry one step at a time

What if the common view of disruption being massive and explosive simply isn’t true? What if disrupting an industry can happen in small consistent s…

Nigel Collin

The ROI on making mistakes and failing

Unless you get curious about why something went wrong and you will never learn from your mistakes and, as a result, benefit from them.


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