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credit management

Key elements of a good credit management strategy

The key to managing the risk of non-payment is to have a strong credit management strategy that mitigates these risks an...

How to overcome the risks of scaling up a business

Beware of scaling up too fast - research shows, high-growth start-ups have a 74 per cent failure rate due to premature s...
trade credit insurance

The importance of trade credit insurance when money is tight

Trade credit insurance helps businesses protect their revenues and keep their cashflow healthy even if customers fail to...
Credit insurance Atradius

A sale is only a sale once payment is made

Trade credit insurance protect a business against losses, safeguaring its cashflow by covering the shortfall when custom...
financial challenges

Addressing the key financial challenges start-ups face

Top tips for entrepreneurs in overcoming the financial challenges so many start-ups face in the early days.

Economic trends to watch in 2019

There are many opportunities for small businesses in 2019 but it's important to understand which of them should be seize...
spring clean

How small business can avoid concentration risk

The four perils of concentration risk for small businesses, and how they can be be avoided.
illegal phoenix activity, illegal phoenix company, bad debt

The true cost of debt

When normal debt turns to bad debt it’s a sign that accounts receivable aren’t being managed effectively and you can qui...
trade credit, trade credit insurance

How to leverage emerging market opportunities with trade credit insurance

Trade credit insurance is an important tool that can minimise the risk of doing business in volatile regions or emerging...

Why you need to include trade credit insurance in your new FY budget

Trade credit insurance covers your losses if you don’t receive payment from your customers thereby offering you a safety...