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Mark Hoppe - 2/3 - Inside Small Business

Why most businesses are glad to put January behind them

Many businesses struggle to make sales after the Christmas increasing the risk of bad debt.

Insolvencies set to increase in 2017

Insolvencies are likely to increase in another difficult economic year ahead.

Credit insurance Atradius

Why small retail suppliers should consider credit insurance

Credit insurance can also lower the cost of borrowing, letting suppliers widen their scope of business and improve cashflow for peace of mind.

Why you must health-check your business portfolio

In today’s unpredictable world the one thing you can control is your ability to assess risks and predict potential issues that may affect the health…

The true cost of credit insurance

There are many less-obvious benefits of credit insurance that provide a return on investment.

Credit insurance

Five reasons to consider credit insurance before 1 July

Credit insurance can play a key role in assuring cashflow, and is an important first step to preparing for the coming year.


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