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Jacqueline Cripps

Jacqueline is an author, speaker, and consultant.  As a ‘millennial translator’ she educates business owners, C-Level executives, and HR executives on the millennial generation, so workplaces can flourish. Jacqueline has presented keynotes across Australia, Europe and the UK, appeared on numerous podcast and YouTube interviews and published articles in Australian, Chinese and UK publications.

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I’m sick of entitled millennials who [fill in the blank]

Millennials are associated with the highest levels of debt compared to previous generations, but that is not necessarily...
SME recovery

The entrepreneur hang-up: Am I wasting my time?

For millennials the journey of developing and creating is possibly greater than the thing that they want to achieve.

Is this it? That millennial question

As millennials, we care about our lives and those of others, doing the right thing, creating impact, land looking after ...

Honesty: the millennial key to conflict resolution

Oftentimes, conflict resolution is simple and achievable through creating a space for honest, healthy dialogue, shared u...

Millennials: redefining the purpose of work

For millennials, the purpose of work goes beyond merely earning a paycheck or climbing corporate ladders.
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The multifaceted nature of our workforce always comes back to people

Too often SMEs only consider the people aspect when performance suddenly dives, absenteeism rises, or frictions start ha...

They said what? Nipping toxic culture in the bud 

In this day and age, workplaces must accept forcing people into the office every day is no longer the only way, nor "the...

It’s a boomer thing: don’t let it get to you

Bridging the gap and resolving issues between boomers and millennials begins with awareness, understanding and mutual re...

From ‘fear’ to ‘fun’: Managing workplace FOMO

We will feel FOMO at some point in our lives but it is the perspective we adopt that makes all the difference in dealing...

Supporting the transition to management: three key tips

For millennials, a promotion opportunity is a step towards new pathways of learning and development, not an endpoint.