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How much is customer friction costing your business?

Business owners should ensure that the customer journey is as seamless as possible to avoid friction that can lead to a loss in possible sales.


COVID-19 has forced businesses to take e-commerce seriously

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many businesses, even the smallest ones, to establish an e-commerce presence as a means to reach their customers.


How to communicate to your customers about COVID-19

How well and widely you communicate with your customers will go a long way to deciding whether you sink or swim in a crisis.


Six Christmas marketing tips for your business

Research is key to any campaign – look at your results from last year’s Christmas marketing and identify what worked and what didn’t.


Eight ways to navigate your way through a weak retail climate

Faced with cautious spending, how can retail small businesses continue to be sustainable and prepare for a positive position Christmas spending season…


Six reasons your business should be using GIFS in its marketing

More than just being moving images people love to use in social media, GIFs can be harnessed as marketing tools that really engage your audience.


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