Marketing that gives business something to talk about


With the rise of podcasts, apps such as Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces and even Google Nest and Alexa, voice marketing is becoming a tactic that businesses should consider.

According to the Australian Podcast Ranker, 48 million podcasts were downloaded in April 2021 and Google Nest continues to dominate sales over Alexa across the country.

But why should we be considering voice marketing when it comes to our businesses? As society continues to look for easier ways to digest content, voice marketing falls perfectly into this demand.

With podcasts, businesses can create audible content filled with information that can define them as leaders in their industry. It can also highlight their products and services whilst targeting a hot market interested in what they have to say, at a time they want to listen.

A podcast can deliver everything from humour to information, breaking news to insightful conversations across any field possible. And yes, whilst the podcast industry is becoming over saturated, having the perfect formula of the right promotion plus quality audio production and good conversation can still help a small business’ podcast find their audience. After all, Spotify wouldn’t be focusing heavily on podcast strategies if they didn’t think it was a medium that was surging in popularity and had potential for further growth.

Just as podcasts offer on-demand listening pleasure, voice marketing apps have also grown over the past six months – thanks to the introduction of Clubhouse. Clubhouse (and now Twitter Spaces) have allowed business owners the opportunity to have real-time two-way conversations like a panel or keynote speaker at a conference. And, just like a podcast can build a listener community, these apps can do the same. It also allows your audience to ask real-time questions in an open forum establishing a connection.

Technology in the home continues to evolve and as this does with voice-enabled assistants, it also means that there are more opportunities for your audience to listen, hands-free. Already brands are using this technology to help with recipes in the kitchen or by making their podcasts searchable through a simple request.

With these three methods continuing to find favour with audiences, voice marketing gives consumers the connection and simplicity in their path-to-purchase they crave, meaning exciting marketing content for your business with a higher conversion rate.

And that is something to find your voice and talk about.