Three things to consider when hiring a social media manager


No matter where you might be in your business, a social media presence is inevitable. In many cases, it might be you or your marketing manager who runs your social media, but as a company grows it’s now time to consider having someone else take over your social media.

Whether you choose to outsource your social media work to an agency, freelancer or hire in-house, it’s important to consider the following, to ensure there is a seamless handover.

1. Security

A social media manager will need full access to your platforms. If using Facebook, grant them access to your Business Manager so they have no problems when publishing posts, ads or monitoring.

For other platforms, have a secured list for your passwords  (e.g Last Pass app) to store your passwords and transfer them to the appointed social media manager. Remember to keep these for yourself, so you always have access too. Remember to change your passwords if your social media manager leaves.

2. Business information

A social media manager will use their experience and knowledge to help your page grow and convert. But it’s also important that they are aware of what communication will align with your brand.

Putting together a kit that features the following will help them gain a good understanding of your brand’s voice and visuals.

In this kit include:

  • A guide that highlights logo considerations, the brand’s colour palette, imagery style etc.
  • All logos & images in high-resolution.
  • All contact information.
  • Your brand’s tone.
  • Product/ service information.
  • A FAQs sheet to answer queries efficiently.  

3. Your goals and objectives

Share clear business goals so that your social media manager can create a social media strategy to meet these.

Social media followers and engagement is okay but the true value of social media comes from conversions – and these link back to those business goals.

Make sure you share details of your target audience (both demographic and psychographics (if available), your advertising budget and the channels you want them to focus on.

A social media manager that works solely on telling your brand’s story can be highly beneficial for your brand. Providing them with valuable information will help to maintain consistency for your brand’s profile and give them the perfect start needed to achieve some great & swift results for you and your business.

Demelza Leonard, digital marketing and social media expert