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Bronwyn Reid

My name is Bronwyn Reid, and I am a small business enthusiast, or nut, depending on your perspective. I’m a serial small-business owner who has started three award-winning businesses from Regional Queensland, proving to myself (and others) that being a small-business owner in a regional area is actually a valid lifestyle choice.  Apart from starting and running businesses, I was a part-time university lecturer for 12 years. Now, I can combine my two main drivers – education and small business success (particularly in regional areas), through my speaking, writing, workshops, training programs, and advocacy. My specialty, and the subject of my first book, Small Company, Big Business, is the relationship between big companies and their small company suppliers. These two parties need each other, but they speak different languages. My job is to help them understand each other, and create valuable commercial relationships. I believe that without a vibrant small-business sector, Australia has no heart. It is small businesses that make communities successful. My second book ‘Small Company, Big Crisis: How To Prepare For, Respond To, And Recover From A Business Crisis’ takes on that theme – creating sustainable businesses.

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