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self-doubt, self-image

Majority of SMEs confident about their business health

Four in five small businesses feel that they are well-placed to meet their financial obligations in 2024.

Too many small businesses relying too heavily on a small customer base

A worrying 71 per cent of small-business owners say they face some level of risk arising from a small customer base.
rejected funding, credit licenses

Only one in four small businesses have easy access to capital

More than one-in-six small-business owners say that fast loan approvals would help them improve their cashflow and meet ...

Majority of small businesses no longer consider Christmas a peak sales period

"Smart use of commercial lending can be the factor that helps small businesses manage the holiday period and set out on ...
rejected funding, credit licenses

Relationship between banks and small businesses a ‘a one-way affair’

OnDeck's CEO says that a protracted approval process can mean lost opportunities for small enterprises.