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Flexible new workspace offerings for SMEs who don’t want long-term fixed leases

Coworking spaces offer your team members the benefit of broadening their professional networks through collaboration opp...
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How small businesses can attract high-performing staff

In the wake of the Great Resignation, there are numerous advantages to working for a small business, and candidates are ...
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Want to attract and retain an older worker? Here’s how

Offering a flexible workplaces will help you attract and retain a diverse workforce of all ages., thus retaining corpora...

Four ways to work smarter in your business

Research suggests flexible work schedules can lighten the load on management and increase productivity levels among empl...
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Give me space

Businesses today, no matter their industry, need a new way to use commercial and office space with less commitment, more...
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Negotiating flexible work arrangements when it’s not adding up

While not all businesses can manage going fully remote in their operations, employees have a right to ask for a flexible...