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ZERO Wipes’ bottom line is no plastic for baby’s bottom

ZERO Wipes are made from sustainable wood pulp rather than synthetic materials, and come in a recyclable box rather than...

Underground Spirits creating a local Canberra drop with global appeal

Community engagement in and around Canberra has been a vital factor in the growth of Underground Spirits.
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Empowering female entrepreneurship: overcoming challenges in franchising

Franchising offers the security of a proven system with head office support, being part of a dynamic peer community, and...

The Quick Flick reveals the beauty of innovation

Despite launching into new categories, Iris Smit aims to stay true to her vision of ensuring her “beauty products solve ...
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How women entrepreneurs can win

As a fundamental human right, gender equality is a necessary pillar of a prosperous, peaceful and sustainable society.

SHE-com empowering businesswomen to help other businesswomen

Building a 'community' is an important aspect of SHE-com, where women can come together to celebrate wins, share challen...

Real Entrepreneur Women helping female entrepreneurs attain wealth and freedom

Real Entrepreneur Women has grown to become a collective of women from diverse backgrounds, each with a unique story to ...

South Australia to provide grants to innovative female-founded businesses

The funding will support Women in Innovation (WINN) to facilitate the two-year pilot program in partnership with the Fea...

Small-business festival series to empower new Aussie women entrepreneurs

The winner of the Accelerator for Enterprising Women's Kickstarter Challenge will be awarded $30,000 in equity-free fund...

Café for creativity Koko Kawaii grows as a community asset

Brittany continues to strive to improve both the financial stability of the business and the wellbeing of her team.