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Franchising: the new frontier for aspiring small-business owners

Franchising provides a viable platform for a broad spectrum of individuals, even those lacking business know-how, to run...

Kickstarter Challenge program to help women jumpstart their entrepreneurial dreams

The program is open to all women with new business ideas to realise their ideas in identified critical sectors.
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Australia’s entrepreneurs are ‘punching above their weight’

Australia is in sixth place in the global rankings and first within the Asia-Pacific region in terms of impact entrepren...
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Alarm raised over dearth of Millennial and Gen Z small-business owners

CPA Australia noted that the country is considered the worst in the Asia-Pacific region in attracting Millennials and Ge...

Start-ups spring from ashes of Big Tech purge

Tech investors are highlighting gaming and artificial intelligence among hot areas of interest.
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Entrepreneurs turned pandemic challenges into opportunities to start their businesses

Among the businesses that made their start during the pandemic, 53 per cent made a profit this year, and a further 28 p...

Q&A: Getting young children on the road to entrepreneurship

Julie Medeiros is channeling both her reignited love for teaching and her passion to prepare children for the future wit...
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Three ways entrepreneurs approach obstacles and turn them into opportunities

When faced with challenges, successful entrepreneurs don't get lost in their own headspace - instead, they ask for help ...
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The rise of the next-gen entrepreneurs

Gen Z feel so strongly about the importance of passion in their careers that three quarters are willing to take a pay cu...
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New awards program for Aussie creative entrepreneurs launched

Squarespace's Make it Awards was inspired by the $30,000 investment given to Squarespace’s Founder and CEO, Anthony Casa...