How to stay motivated amidst yet more COVID disruption

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A year ago, many of us had hoped that by now we might be returning more quickly to the good old days and ways. But as much of the country remains in lockdown amidst yet another COVID outbreak, normality seems a long way off. 

However, life goes on. There are still businesses to run, pets and children to feed and bills to pay. Moving the needle forward during the chaos can feel like an uphill battle, and if you have fallen off your “motivation” wagon and into a bag of potato chips yet again, there is hope ahead and you are not alone.

There are simple ways we can stay motivated and get momentum back, and it is easier than you might think.

1. Start small

Have you ever decided to go for a short walk around the block and ended up walking a few kilometres, or started to wash the dishes and soon found yourself spring cleaning your whole house? One of the most common reasons people fail at their well-intentioned goals is because they make them way too ambitious. This leads to early failure. Instead, set an ‘hour of power’ timer and then do as much as you can before the clock runs out. By the time you get started, you may find you have the motivation to continue and if not, congratulations, you just completed an hour of actions.

2. Stay in your lane 

Spend a bit of time on Instagram and TikTok and you will see a whole bunch of people doing a whole lot of stuff during lockdown. Watching others smash out online HIIT workouts, bake trays of fermented sourdough from scratch and create abstract art masterpieces during lockdown can leave you feeling less than. Especially if your greatest achievement has been walking to the fridge and back or putting on the fourth movie of the day for your kids. It is important to remember that everyone deals with these stressful times differently, and no two days will feel the same. By comparing yourself to others, you will simply feel worse. Celebrate your small individual wins without playing the comparison game.

3. Rally the troops

You may not be able to physically be with your loved ones right now, but our technological age has many perks when it comes to staying connected.  Share your experiences with family and friends. Talk about your struggles with those you love and trust. Ask someone to help keep you accountable or come along with you for the ride. And remember, only share your goals with people you know (without a shadow of a doubt) who will support you.

4. Part with money

We tend to value the things we invest the most time and money into. It may feel appropriate to tighten your financial belt right now, but investing in something that is going to keep you accountable to your goals can be a very good strategy. Purchase an online course, a few online personal training sessions or some life coaching, whatever you feel is enough to keep you motivated and on track. You will be much more likely to stay focused if you part with money.

5. Reward yourself along the way

Big rewards when reaching big results is great. But you don’t need to delay your gratification. Rewarding yourself for a job well done along the way will help you stay focused, on task and motivated. Decide on small rewards that you will treat yourself to at the end of every day. It may be having a Netflix marathon, ordering in, having a bubble bath, enjoying a walk, buying new workout shoes or hiring someone to clean your house when restrictions lift.