Smashing mental health stigma by new-age entrepreneurs


As entrepreneurs, we tend to devote more time to our business, neglecting our personal lives in all situations. Today, however, we have evolved and have learned how to handle things differently as new-age entrepreneurs. Recently, PurpleTree PR approached four young entrepreneurs across Australia, Europe, and India to know about their thoughts and views on mental health, and we were amazed to see the importance they give to work-life balance.

Self-growth and mental peace.

Steven Blom, Co-founder Taxi Butler, Amsterdam, says, “Every day I follow affirmations that are empowering me to keep positive mental health/peace. I exercise weekly and eat plant-based to avoid eating animals for two minutes of pleasure. I read personal self-growth books and watch clips online that expand my awareness and consciousness.”

Maddie, Co-founder, Glad U Came, India, says, “I believe that every day is a learning process, and I make some conscious efforts to balance it all. I have a rule for myself wherein I don’t work after 8 pm, and I suggest everyone do the same. I know how important it is to have a work-life balance and how, if not maintained, it can affect your mental health.”

However, it is all about taking small steps towards your peace of mind, says Shaun de Vries, Founder and Director of Open Pantry Co. Australia. “I like to read books that broaden my mind, I meditate as much as I can, and I find being a podcast host gives me a great perspective. “

Maintaining a healthy balance

I think we found a point of agreement as Maddie says, “I believe work-life balance is an important aspect of healthy work culture. It is vital to take a break and switch everything off.”

“Personally, for me, taking the weekend off has been amazing. I’m currently working a full-time job alongside my startup, and I’ve even started finishing early Friday and making the weekend almost three days long. Going on Monday to work is so much easier. There’s no dread, rather you look forward to it,” Steve Devlin, Founder and Director of¬†iRise Drink¬†Australia, said.

Shaun prefers to write journals, and he says, “I journal daily to understand thoughts, be as flexible as possible and learn to say no. You don’t have to be everything to everyone.”

When we dream about work-life balance, Steven shares his work goals as he says, “I think I work way too much, but at the same time; I love working and do not experience it as work but as a way to be connected to myself and others = life.”

Message for the next generation of young entrepreneurs on mental health? 

“Have a small circle of friends in which to trust their advice, listen to yourself first to understand how you are feeling, Journal and meditate, and see a counsellor regularly to talk through your challenges,” Shaun says.

Steve says, “Meditate. Learn it well. It’s the greatest tool in your arsenal, and it stays with you lifelong no matter what. It’s a rent-free mansion with a jacuzzi on the beach that you can visit anytime you want.” And to this, Maddie adds, “Take good care of your mind as you do for your body because mental health is as important as your physical health. Think about it because if you don’t take care of your mental health, you won’t care for your business. “

Mental Health and optimism is important, but so is having the right attitude towards yourself and your work. “We become successful when we know WHO we are, and therefore, the journey of becoming stable mentally is the journey to success and not the other way around; that we become happy when we have the money in our bank account. We have to grow ourselves mentally, emotionally, energetically and spiritually, and that growth results in success,” Steven avers.

Let’s take an oath to spread awareness about the significance of mental health and support people who need it.