Which promotional products do Australians find most useful?

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The results revealed that the USB fared very well in comparison with traditional promotional products in its popularity.

Promotional items are a significant marketing tool used by most corporations. In fact, the PPAI (Promotional Products Association International) reports that nearly $21 billion was invested in these items in 2015, which highlights a growth of of 3.82% since 2014. This increasing use has been consistent since the early 1970s, an indication that promotional items do, indeed, work effectively as part of an overall marketing strategy.

To help provide insights into today’s most popular promotional items, Promo Gallery recently conducted a study that asked 1500 respondents this question:

“Which promotional products do you find most useful?”

The study included the usual suspects; pens, bag, keyrings and the like, however the study also included a new item – the USB. The results revealed that the USB fared very well in comparison with traditional promotional products in its popularity, in fact, the study displayed that the USB was one of the most popular items, in combination with pens receiving more than half of the votes.

The study noted that the following results in terms of popularity amongst Australians:

  • Promotional USB – 25.5%
  • Promotional pens – 24.6%
  • Promotional bags – 12.2%
  • Promotional stubby holders, mugs, bottles – 9.9%
  • Promotional umbrellas – 9.2%
  • Promotional caps and balls – 7.1%
  • Promotional key rings – 6.3%
  • Promotional stress shapes products – 5.2%

The results are illustrated in the infographic below.

Analysing the study further, we could see that women were more inclined to choose promotional bags, twice more in comparison to men; which comes as no surprise. Also it was noted that the more ‘younger’ generation mostly picked items related to promotional stubby holders, mugs and bottles.

To look at the specific details arising from the survey visit www.promogallery.com.au/Which-promotional-products-Australians-find-most-useful.

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Matt Milstead, Promo Gallery