Should your employees wear branded workwear?

When employees have free range on what they can wear to work, the outfits chosen can sometimes be a headache for HR and business owners. Many businesses look to branded uniforms for employees, but is this the right solution?

Branded workwear can benefit your business in more ways than one. By introducing branded work clothing to your business, not only can it improve your public image, but also the efficiency of your staff. We all like to feel like a part of a team and a cohesive, branded uniform creates a sense of unity and professionalism, improving the productivity of your employees.

However, there are branded workwear products that you need to steer clear from. Workwear that is ill-fitting, a poor choice in colour, or not suitable for the work your employees are doing are just some of the choices that could see your employees seeing red.

When making a decision on whether or not your employees should be wearing branded workwear, take the following into account.

Promotional benefits and earning the customer’s trust

According to the Uniform Study by YouGov Galaxy Australia, 94 per cent of consumers prefer staff in uniforms as they are easily recognisable.

A great uniform makes a customer’s first impression of your company memorable. For brand awareness and company exposure, a personalised uniform acts as an effective, mobile marketing tool. A uniform which represents your company will also ensure employees are looking presentable and professional, which can help reinforce who your business is and what it stands for.

For customers, quality branded workwear instils a sense of trust in the company. The impression is that if a company has dedicated the time and money in to professionally uniformed staff, we can trust their advice as they appear educated and professional. Ultimately, a well thought out work uniform reinforces your brand strategy, which is crucial to setting your company apart from competitors.

Ensuring a professional standard

Introducing a branded uniform can help establish a standard of professionalism throughout the office. A higher standard is set, preventing employees from wearing inappropriate clothing, ensuring an acceptable and genuine image is representing your business. Without a high standard of professionalism, potential customers may lose trust and confidence in your business, and choose to go elsewhere.

The psychology of the uniform

A professional uniform can be a motivational tool for employees by helping them to feel a sense of personal responsibility to the business. A uniform can drive the team to work more professionally, increasing their productivity and their motivation to succeed. It’s this high standard that drives the relationship between you and your customers.

Unity and equality in the workplace

Branded workwear has been found to improve job satisfaction. A dress code helps employees to feel like they are truly a part of the team and are therefore more likely to align with company values. Staff morale and comradery is improved as it instils pride in the job. When employees feel like a valued member of your business, it increases their loyalty to the company.

Another advantage of branded workwear is its ability to bring employees together. One uniform for all creates equality and encourages fair treatment, bringing people from all parts of the business, all walks of life together, as a team. A uniform will become part of your company’s identity, making employees feel valued and proud to be a part of your business.

Belinda Lyone, General Manager, COS