Almost half of Aussie shoppers do more than 50 per cent of their shopping online

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While brick-and-mortar stores have made a significant comeback over the past 18 months, online shopping remains as strong as ever. 

New research commissioned by parcel delivery service CouriersPlease reveals that almost half (47 per cent) of Australian consumers say they will have done more than 50 per cent of their shopping online this year. Furthermore, 73 per cent have said they will have done at least 30 per cent of their shopping online this year. Meanwhile, 27 per cent have said they will have made more than 60 per cent of their purchases online.

Richard Thame, CEO of CouriersPlease, commented that the results come as little surprise to the parcel delivery company. 

“We delivered more than 30 million parcels across Australia and internationally last year, up two million from delivery figures in 2021,” Thame said. “These survey results reflect what we have been seeing at CouriersPlease; consumers are continuing to use online retailers for their purchases, with a significant proportion relying on online retail for more than half of their shopping.”

The report also noted that the younger the consumer, the more likely they are to do their shopping online, with 58 per cent of 18–30-year-olds will have done at least 50 per cent of all their shopping online, followed by 53 per cent of those aged 31-50 and 36 per cent of over-50s.

A report released in 2022 confirmed that convenience is still the number one reason for purchasing online and that fast shipping and click-and-collect options are a key driver for shoppers to confirm a sale.

“One of the biggest benefits of online shopping is it provides a quick and easy way to make a purchase without having to leave the home or office,” Thame said. “Aussies can search for a product, check the price against other brands, select the most convenient delivery or collection option, and then make the payment. All can be done within minutes and with just a click of a button.”