Creating brand awareness with an outside the box marketing plan

For years, the phrase “think outside the box” has been used as a metaphor to think differently, or unconventionally. When it comes to a marketing plan, many brands choose to invest in product related strategies that focus on what’s inside the box versus the outside of the box.

And, while it makes perfect sense to have a product forward marketing plan, ultimately, the very first interaction your customer will have with your product is in the unboxing experience. The excitement of a new purchase can be quickly deflated when a parcel arrives in a flimsy, ill-sized box.

On the other hand, most of us have had the experience of receiving a gift wrapped so enticingly that we’ve wanted to keep every single part of the wrapping!

Packaging provides every brand with a unique opportunity to speak to customers. Thoughtful packaging says, “we care about how you feel, and we want you to be excited when you receive our products.”

Creating an unboxing experience that delights has the potential to enhance and elevate your brand. Packaging that is tailored and customised can often be as marketable as the product itself. Never underestimate the power and storytelling ability of branded design, art and colours.

Create boxes and packaging that incite delight. Think about packaging as your Unique Selling Point – how does your packaging set your brand apart? When it comes to packaging, ask yourself:

  • Is it or could it become collectable?
  • Does it evoke feelings?
  • Will it start a conversation on social media?

When you develop a marketing plan consider the impact of packaging for:

Your product

It is important to work with a professional designer and a packaging team who understands your product; what it does, and the best way to story tell it. For example, the positioning of artwork can have an influence on where you want the customers attention. Use colours that have the potential to engage and convey happy emotions; think about product material choices – how they feel, their strength and durability. If your brand is eco-friendly, you should also consider the impacts of sustainability and reusability.

Your brand

Could you ever imagine Tiffany & Co without the blue box? Tiffany & Co is recognised around the globe because of their packaging, it is now a part of our pop-culture, our history and has inspired its own Tiffany blue pantone colour 1837. Create packaging that reflects your brand, that can be used to tell your story. Remember, a well-designed package that is unique and beautiful has a greater chance of being photographed and shared.

Your customer experience

Think about the amount of time and energy that goes into research and development to create the product you are about to launch. Now, consider your investment and put some thought towards the packaging, the first physical point of branding. How you chose to package your product creates a critical first impression and will determine the level of pleasure in the unboxing experience. Give your products the chance to come alive in the unboxing process – this is the real customer experience, where we can create feelings of excitement, happiness and trust.

Nina Nguyen, Founder, Pakko