Product identifiers and risky numbers

Getting your product out into the market quickly and seamlessly is more critical than ever. Whether you’re a small business owner looking to sell your products online, or a larger company dealing with major retailers, having a unique identification number and a globally recognised barcode system in place is crucial.

A barcode number, a GTIN, a UPC or an EAN number, are all pretty much the same thing. They are a unique number used to identify a product, anywhere in the world. These numbers are then used to create the barcode that goes onto your product. However, not all barcodes are created equally. What happens if the number you use was previously assigned to another product? Worse still, what if it is still being used on a completely different product that you don’t own? Put simply, your product will get rejected by the retailer if you are a supplier, or it will cause an inventory disaster for you, your customer will access the wrong product information and your online listing will be incorrect.

This is a risk you take when purchasing barcode numbers online or from unofficial sellers. GS1 Australia administers the GS1 system locally and is the only authorised source in Australia for GS1 barcode numbers and standards which are used globally.

Online marketplaces like Amazon, Alibaba, eBay, and Google Shopping have stringent requirements to ensure product authenticity. Amazon, for example, conducts thorough checks to verify the authenticity of product GTINs by cross-referencing them with the GS1 database. Any GTIN that does not align with GS1 information is considered invalid.

However, for those dealing with larger customers, especially major retailers in sectors like grocery, office products, pharmacy, or hardware, additional requirements come into play. These retailers often request more than just a barcode; they may ask for a barcode test report, detailed product data, and high-quality product images to add your product to their inventory. This is where GS1 Australia’s Product Launch service comes to the rescue. With Product Launch, you can leave all these requirements in the capable hands of experts. Simply submit your product, and they will handle the rest, ensuring your product is ready for a smooth and hassle-free selling experience.

Streamlining your business

Regardless of what industry you play in, efficient supply chain management ensures your business can thrive in a competitive marketplace. The GS1 system’s reach extends into various sectors, such as healthcare and logistics, where accurate product identification is essential for safety and efficiency.

If your primary goal is to get your product into the market quickly and effortlessly, then GS1 Australia membership is your answer. To get one number, or as many as you need, GS1 Australia offers an efficient and reliable solution for obtaining authentic barcodes, ensuring your products are ready for sale.

Being a GS1 member means you have access to more than just a barcode number. You get continued support from the experts including:

  • education and training
  • barcode check service
  • regular webinars on how to use the GS1 system
  • participation in industry workgroups
  • informative newsletters
  • easily accessible customer support
  • and more…

What to do next?

GS1 Australia is your trusted partner for obtaining authentic barcodes and catering to businesses of all sizes. Remember, the right barcode can open doors to new opportunities and growth for your business, the wrong number can just end in disaster.

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