Marketing & accounting speak the same language

Business Enterprise Centres provide a great platform for businesses starting out by providing them with sound advice they can take on board.

As start-up businesses are the core of Australia’s business sector, there is a need to support them in every way and give them practical and effective advice to help further their business. The advice a small-business owner can receive from a BEC and the seminars they run vary from business structures to financials of a business, as well as to how they market their small business.

Small-business marketer Michael Kava and small-business accountant John Corias joined forces to help start-up businesses thrive in this populated sector. Through their joint seminars, the dynamic duo offer advice on how to start up your very own small business from scratch – how choosing the correct business structure can shape your entire financial future, along with how marketing can help a small business stand apart from the competition and how to develop a marketing plan that will suit your particular small business.

A little about Michael & John

‘I’m a big supporter of small-business ownership,’ says Michael Kava, the Founder and Director of Little Marketing.  ‘I think it’s the backbone of Australian innovation. But to be successful, you first have to have the courage to go for it and as a small-business owner myself I can understand the knockbacks that discourage us. This is why I want to help in the way I know best.’

John Corias is a senior partner at M.A.S Accountant,. working with clients who have differing  needs, ranging  from accounting basics to tax, payroll management, accounts payable and much more.

‘It’s not just about an idea, but it is about how you can make that idea a reality,’ says John Corias. ‘This to me means how to structure a business and how to financially support it.’

As a small-business owner, the more information you consume and the more questions you ask, the stronger the network you can build to influence not only your business but also yourself.

Research is important to a small business.

As the finance and the marketing of your business go hand in hand, they need to synch up in your business practice for optimal results.

Michael Kava, Director, Little Marketing

John Corias, Senior Partner, M.A.S Accountants