How the lessons of 2020 can guide us into 2021


How will the experiences of 2020 shape our future? The past year reminded us that Australia is a country built on mateship. Supporting our mates is pivotal to our identity and as we look ahead to 2021, how we support each other will be the key to our national success and continued recovery.

The new year holds endless possibilities and opportunities for every single Australian and for our economy. It will be a pivotal time for business owners to come together in support and solidarity.

When we believe that manufacturing in Australia is world-class, and when we act on that belief by supporting our local producers, we embrace the whole country and help all Australians by:

Enhancing the local business cycle

When Australians support Australian Manufacturing, it means they potentially support an entire eco-system of Australian business. Look out for businesses that source their raw materials locally and sustainably.

We can enjoy our shared values

When we manufacture goods in Australia they are guaranteed by our shared values of honesty, trust and integrity. Every Australian Manufacturer shares a commitment to the highest level of quality control and health & safety standards.

We create jobs for Australians

When Australian manufacture excels jobs are created across every level from the factory floor, to management, to IT, HR and admin. By encouraging production and manufacture in Australia the industry can employ more people and create goods in a fair environment.

With 2021 approaching we can proudly say Australia is among the most trusted producers in the world and we must trust ourselves to take the Australian brand of reliable and trusted manufacturing to the next level right here at home.

As we strive to elevate production and manufacture in Australia, small- and medium-sized businesses will rely on everyone to play their part. From buyers to end consumers and everyone in between; sourcing Australian supplies, Australian materials and Australian sustainable solutions for the industry will deliver boundless returns to the community in the form of employment, economic stability, trust and at the same time, further highlight our global positioning.

We all have a role to play in how Australia will grow and develop throughout 2021, every single one of us can play a part in elevating our economy, our reputation and our ability to compete globally.

We have an opportunity to support Australia in 2021. Let’s choose to support each other, let’s choose mateship and remember, that 2020 taught us that together and united we are stronger, and we can be unstoppable.

Nina Nguyen, Founder, Pakko