Four leadership tips for building a great team


Some say you’re only as good as the people around you. If this is true, then it’s vital that your business invests in its employees. As a leader within my own company, here are my top four tips for building a team you can be proud of.

  1. Have a growth mindset
    Always look at how you can expand the business to drive success. This doesn’t necessarily involve growing the numbers in your team, but how you develop each of your existing team members through upskilling and training. Your team are your assets, and a great leader will invest in those they hire. Complacency in leadership can lead to complacency within team members fulfilling their roles.
  2. Hire people you trust
    Trusting your team allows you to provide a more flexible workplace. If you know employees are going to perform consistently as standard, then you don’t need to be micromanaging their daily activities and keeping tabs on them. This benefits not only the employee but frees up your time to focus on managing the business. If you find yourself in a position where you don’t trust a team member, review why you hired them. Communicate the issues and work to establish a solution that will help build trust.
  3. It’s not all about the money
    Not everyone is driven by money, some are motivated by other factors like workplace benefits and flexible work conditions. It could be that someone wants to work part-time, have different start and finish times or work remotely. Don’t assume a pay rise will always cut it, find out what your employees actually want and work out a way to make it happen.
  4. Never stop learning
    It’s essential to invest in your team, but you must also invest in yourself. Put yourself through the paces and keep skills current and broaden your horizons through ongoing training and development. If you hire well, then you should also be learning from your employees. Confident leaders will hire people that are better than themselves since they’ll bring more value to the business in the form of fresh thinking and a new approach.

In accomplishing a remarkable team, a leader can then focus their time and efforts into the overall strategic direction of the company, meaning continued growth and success in the field and maintaining an advantage over all competitors.

Lezly D’Limi, Managing Director, Tailored Resources