AgTech wins technology scale-up award


Farmbot Monitoring Solutions, and AgTech company featured in a recent issue of the Inside Small Buuisness quarterly magazine, has achieved a milestone in becoming the inaugural winner of the “Sustainability, CleanTech, Agtech” category at the Technology Scale-Up Awards. The awards were set up to celebrate disruptive Australian technology businesses that have shown exponential growth and industry-leading innovations while making a significant impact in their respective industries.

Andrew Coppin, Managing Director of Farmbot Monitoring Solutions, accepted the award in a virtual ceremony, saying that recognition by such an esteemed judging panel, that included leaders from Australian success stories such as AirTasker and Ansarada, was a significant endorsement for the company.

“To be chosen by a panel of some of the greatest minds in Australian technology and innovation is a huge boost for Farmbot,” Coppin said. “2021 has been a big year for us as we have continued to grow our headcount and customer base domestically and next year will be even bigger as we look to international expansion.”

Farmbot’s technology provides farmers with 24/7, real-time access to data on their water resources, meaning that instead of travelling around checking water, farmers can spend precious moments at home or more time doing more valuable, strategic work.

“The reduced need for mobility improves sustainability outcomes for producers and maintains peace of mind that they will be notified when issues arise in real-time,” Coppin explained.

The technology leverages satellite and cellular connectivity and can alert farmers when there is an issue with their water infrastructure such as a leak, overflow, or broken pump in real-time, so farmers can take swift action to avoid potential wastage of thousands of megalitres of water and ensure that their livestock are not being denied access to water.