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My debtor has gone into liquidation, will I be paid?

With the threat liquidation rising due to the pandemic, you need to know if – and how – you can recover debts from failed customers and suppliers.

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What happens if my supplier goes out of business…?

Suppliers going out of business is likely to be a more common occurrence in these tough times – how would your small business cope?

Getting involved in the gig economy

If your business is looking into engaging with gig economy workers, it’s important you know your legal rights and responsibilities.

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How far can an employee pursue a claim that has no merit?

Where a claim can be shown to be genuinely frivolous, vexatious or to have no prospect for success, an employer may ultimately truncate the process.

freelance work

Top considerations when hiring freelance staff

While there are many varied responsibilities for those who choose to work in the freelance industry, there are also many benefits.


How small businesses can stay up to date with workplace compliance

By educating your team and getting the help that you need, you can avoid legal consequences of falling foul of workplace compliance rules.


What you can and can’t bequeath on your last will and testament

Business owners need to plan ahead with who to bequeath their business and other assets to in the event of their passing.

Two changes to the casual workforce laws that impact SMEs

Employers should be aware of the minimum wage increase and that casual workers can request full-time status after reaching certain employment conditio…

What to do when you receive a workers’ compensation claim

Incidents can happen even in the most carefully managed workplace so understanding how to deal with a workers’ compensation claim is vital for all bus…

employee leaves

How to protect your SME when an employee leaves

Whether the parting is amicable or not, any time an employee leaves can be a tricky period that requires careful management.

When should you undertake employee background checks?

Background checks can include investigations into a potential employee’s criminal background, financial history, education and prior employment enga…

How to prepare your business for sale – Part 2

The first step to ensure your business is no longer carrying any liabilities is to do an audit of all potential risks.

How to prepare your business for sale – Part 1

You never know what’s around the corner so it’s worth have a plan in place for selling your business even if that’s not a priority at this moment in t…

employment contracts

How well do employment contracts hold up in court?

How to maximise the chances of your employment contracts holding up in court, and those instances in which exceptions may apply.

probation, 3D rendering, glowing yellow traffic sign

Terminating employees in their probation period

To ensure fairness an employer should clearly document an employee’s successes or failures during probation.

Can a business refuse service to a same-sex marriage couple?

Celebrants registered after same-sex marriage becomes law would not be exempt from anti-discrimination laws.


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