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relief measures

Two measures to help SME COVID-19 relief be more effective

Regardless of government incentives, not many businesses will be committing to capital expenditure during the COVID-19 crisis.

Roger Mendelson

Company wind-ups and bankruptcy: where is the SME sector heading?

Despite the recent concerning reports on company wind-up and bankruptcy figures, the truth is that the SME sector remains sound.

warranty, consumer protection

Are you aware of new ACL warranty changes?

The impact of non-compliance with recent changes to warranty laws is significant and may result in the imposition of fines up to $50,000.

Roger Mendelson

Pay day: dealing with a debtor with a “good” excuse

How to follow up debts without burning any bridges when faced with a debtor providing a legitimate excuse for why they haven’t and can’t repay the…

SME wind ups still low but on the rise

The increase in the number of company wind ups should be seen as a warning signal for small businesses.

Roger Mendelson

Simple steps for starting the new financial year on the right foot

The new financial year is the perfect time to assess cashflow and businesses process and start afresh with a clear strategy in place.

How one form can improve your cashflow

A well-crafted credit application form is crucial to any business, new or old, to ensure you aren’t left with bad debts that you can’t recover.

How to avoid credit problems in the first quarter

This is the most challenging period for SMEs when it comes to credit and the worst thing you can do is to put your head in the sand and hope the finan…

Collecting that cash

How small businesses can manage their debtors’ list and, in so doing, maintain healthy cashflow.

Christmas warning for SMEs ahead of annual slowdown

Too often early in a new year SMEs have a sudden realisation that the slowdown has caused cashflow to dry up in the summer heat.

Roger Mendelson

How to avoid being hurt by late payments – Part 2

Use these tips to improve the health of your cashflow by curbing late payments.

Roger Mendelson

How to avoid being hurt by late payments – Part 1

Late payments hurt your cashflow but having strong collection procedures will mitigate the risk.

Roger Mendelson

SME debt levels concerning despite positive business outlook

The easiest way to reduce SME debt levels is to pursue outstanding invoices earlier.

Roger Mendelson

SMEs urged to plan early for Christmas slowdown

For most SMEs who fail to prepare, they won’t feel the impact of the Christmas slowdown until after the New Year when the cashflow drop-off hits the…

Roger Mendelson

SME confidence at tipping point: report

SMEs are further compounding their cashflow troubles, with 55% holding onto their book debts for longer than 90 days before referring them to a collec…

Roger Mendelson

Beware the pitfalls of disruptive lending

Peer-to-peer lending is the most common type of disruptive lending, typically providing cashflow lending rather than secured lending


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