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Julian Hall

Julian Hall writes under the pen name of ProFesSIR J. Julian is a former lecturer in Small Business Management at the University of Wollongong. He has spent the past 30 plus years providing business consultancy services to small, medium and corporate businesses in the private, public and tertiary sector via his company PFJ Innovations Pty Ltd.

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Naughty or nice?

Have a written backup plan to review and reshape your business relationships as needed.
conversation, workbeing, listening

The importance of daily catch-ups with your team

Daily catch-ups should be direct and simple, with one or two key messages for the day mixed in with a good joke or posit...

The dreaded PD or JD – what do you want your employees to do?

Use your single-page job description as an active, in-your-face, everyday document - it should be the key source documen...

Turn back time and find more time for you

People who make 'real' money do so when they have delegated 'out' of their business sleep comfortably dreaming/scheming ...
discretionary spend

Targeting discretionary spend by your customers

The pandemic has brought forward a quantum shift from on-premise to online spend and elevated time and convenience buyin...

Hit refresh – become an alien for a day

Pretending to be an "alien" may seem strange but it offers a a fresh set of open and honest perspectives on the world ar...