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New hope for Office 365 users’ data protection

Microsoft’s Data Loss Prevention policy for Office 365 enables Businesses to identify and manage the flow of sensitive information within their networ…

IT team

Security beyond the IT team

SMEs that choose to outsource their IT team need to ensure they go beyond basic prevention and and focus on more effective data management.


Traditional cybersecurity no match for modern ransomware

A coordinated approach is the key to combating savvy cybercriminals who are now investing their time in devising strategic, identified ransomware atta…

cyber risks, cyber criminals, trade secrets, data breaches

You might not be as secure as you think

Failing to secure online data has serious repercussions for any business, but there are effective measures in place to reduce the impact.

technology buying trends

SME buying trends reveal tech key to reaching goals

Recent buying trends indicate more SMEs are relying heavily on technology to operate more efficiently.


How to navigate the IoT era

Despite the “Things” in its name suggesting the IoT is all about hardware, software plays a key role in connecting all its devices and orchestrating i…


Is it time to outsource your IT?

Too many business owners find themselves working in the business – not on it: one way to help alleviate this problem is outsource non-core business …

Is anyone having trouble with WiFi?

Today’s consumers simply expect WiFi access, and it doesn’t matter whether you’re in a chain or a small coffee shop down the street.

Five IoT security essentials to keep your small business safe

As IoT devices are more prevalent in our everyday lives it is increasingly important we ensure that we take greater care in keeping our data secure.

Data deserves to be loved

Data is crucial to every business – it may not get the appreciation it deserves but data protection and recovery is probably the fastest-growing indus…

The key to securing your data is closer to home than you think

Odds are it’s not a question of if your business will lose data but when so securing your data via effective backup is key to running your business …

Keeping your Wi-Fi connection in check

It is important for SMEs ensure a strong, stable, and secure wi-fi network in the workplace that satisfies the needs of employees and customers alike.

Does ransomware make you WannaCry?

Educating your team about phishing emails and questionable downloads is essential given that most ransomware is delivered using social engineering.

Fire, flood or power outage? How to ensure your business doesn’t suffer from disasters

Natural disasters can impose serious damage to the livelihood of your business so have emergency plans in place.


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