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Elise Margow

Elise Margow is a lawyer, director, mediator and author. She was ranked by Doyles in 2018, 2019 and 2020 as a Leading Victorian Mediator. Elise is the founder and principal of Legally Speaking, a law firm specialising in advising clients on the ‘A to Z’ of legal management, services and strategies. She has broad legal and business expertise, having worked in the corporate sector for 13 years and in practice at various law firms. She is an alumnus of Arnold Bloch Leibler and Telstra and has headed up legal, risk and regulatory teams including the team at Liberty Financial Pty Limited. She has contributed on credit and due diligence committees, is a Company Chair and director and has company secretarial experience. Elise is an experienced litigator and mediator who, has successfully assisted both her own clients and disputing parties resolve complex disputes using the combination of her litigation and commercial experience together with her pragmatic approach to the resolution of disputes. She was named in the Age Melbourne Magazine as one of the top 100 most passionate, powerful and provocative personalities of 2012.

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