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Five technology hacks to give you some work-life balance

How you manage your mobile device is crucial to achieving work-life balance.

instagram, social media

How to start a small business on Instagram

Aside from using Instagram to compliment a website or physical store, it’s also possible to build an entire small business around the platform.

instagram, social media

The five biggest small business Instagram trends for 2019

The latest trends and features Instagram has to offer for to maximise engagement for your business.

instagram, social media

Caption writing 101 for Instagram business

The caption is as important as the image on Instagram as it’s the words that start a conversation, build a connection and encourage your audience to e…

instagram, social media

How Facebook is forcing business to be more authentic

Businesses can take advantage of the recent changes to the algorithm on Facebook by becoming more authentic and personal in their interactions.

instagram, social media

Five key content types for businesses on Instagram

Five content ideas small businesses can utilise for effective engagement and marketing of their products and services through Instagram.

instagram, social media

Five things you need to be doing on Instagram

The new Instagram TV option gives you the opportunity to share some of your knowledge and make potential customers feel as though they have been invol…

instagram, social media

Could your business use an Instagram “micro-influencer”?

As an influencer often exchanges product/s for their promotion they are an very cost effective way for small businesses with limited budgets to grow t…

instagram, social media

How to turn your Instagram account into a visual shopfront

With 30 per cent of Instagram users having made a purchase through the platform here are some tips to help small businesses utilise its Shopping featu…

Instagram algorithm

What the new Instagram algorithm means for small business

Changes in Instagram’s algorithm make it worth curating the accounts you are following and sprucing up your hashtag strategy.

Instagram algorithm

Seven reasons your small business should be on Instagram

With more than 500 million daily users across the globe, Instagram is becoming a must-have social media tool for small business.


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