Five things you need to be doing on Instagram

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  1. Pay attention to what your target audience wants

The most important thing to remember before you click post on Instagram is to think of your audience! Are the people that you sharing this post with going to be interested, inspired or educated by the post? If not, then rethink it.

This business has nailed their audience and what they want, by using a visually appealing photo, that showcases their service, teamed with some information about the owner as a point of interest.

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  1. Showcase your personality and what makes your business unique

Every person has their own individual style and personality, and your business is no different! In order to keep your posts engaging and have them stand out from the rest, use captions that are conversational and feel as though you are directly talking to a person rather than a computer.

The caption on this post is conversational and gives the account a sense of personality, partnered with an empowering image that also subtly features their service.

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  1. Using shoppable posts if your business is product based

This amazing and relatively new tool is an absolute no brainer for product-based businesses! In the age of shorter attention spans and people wanting everything to be ultraconvenient, this tool makes purchasing your product even easier for customers. This tool changes the game for online shopping.

Integrating an interesting quote with a visually appealing image and tagging the product has made it very easy for potential customers to purchase this product.

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  1. Using Instagram TV if your business is service based or in the creative field

People are fascinated with “how to” videos and content that leaves them feeling inspired and educated. The new Instagram TV option gives you the opportunity to share some of your knowledge and make potential customers feel as though they have been involved in the creation of your product or service.

This artist has utilised the Instagram TV option very well by making her customers feel that they are involved in the creation of the piece of artwork, therefore encouraging people to buy it and engage with the business.

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  1. Maintaining consistency in posts across all areas of your account

Consistency is key! It makes everything visually appealing and adds to the overall brand that you are trying to create. Having a common theme in content and ensuring that it is used effectively across all channels will establish a strong sense of branding. Do this by planning content before posting to ensure a consistent feed.

This business has carefully planned their content and considered the overall look of their feed by using the same colour scheme and filters throughout, creating a strong sense of who they are and what they do.

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Brooke Vulinovich, Social Media Expert,

Feature image courtesy of Kate Drennan Photography