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Why SME owners shouldn’t use external factors as an excuse

When a business is struggling, business owners should not make an excuse that it is due solely to external factors as their skills come into play as w…

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Why businesses need to invest to buy more lifetime customers

Lifetime customers are effective ambassadors for your business, delivering even more value than just the revenue they provide.


Why business owners should manage their business as an asset

Rather than seeing the business as a job, business owners should view it as an asset so they can realise opportunities for growth.

Five things SME owners aren’t doing that they should be doing

Too many SME owners are so fixated on daily operations and generating profit that they never think about the activities that actually build their comp…


Finding the right motivation to reach your goals

Seven pertinent questions SME owners can ask themselves to get a clearer understanding of their real motivation in business.

business transformation

Five ways to transform your small business this new financial year

For businesses looking to transform, it’s essential to start by defining exactly what the business needs to transform into.

Financing business growth through equity

Business owners need to be creative and proactive when funding growth, and offering staff with equity is a viable option.


Current and future trends affect businesses

The business owners who will be most successful will be those who can accurately predict and prepare for future trends in their industry.


Choosing the right person to run your business

Once you’ve found the right person to take over the day-to-day running of your business, their induction is crucial to ensuring a smooth transition of…

step back, hand over business

Six things to put in place before you can step back from your business

Careful planning before you step back from day-to-day running of your business frees up time to enjoy life and focus on strategic growth opportunities…


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