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ai in enterprise

Catching the AI wave in the enterprise

Businesses that don’t have the basics in place need to move now or risk missing the AI wave.
Sentient data analytics Teradata

Five benefits of data and analytics for business

Five ways businesses can benefit tremendously from data and analytics to drive positive outcomes for themselves and thei...
ai in enterprise

Building trust in artificial intelligence

Businesses of all sizes need to understand how artificial intelligence works they can trust it as a tool to gain valuabl...

Embrace the cloud – don’t fear it

Cloud computing can enhance customer experience, improve agility, and offer on-demand resources and scalability.

Why artificial intelligence needs big data to offer business value

Artificial intelligence on its own is not enough - it only gives business a boost when its outcomes are meaningful and m...

Finding the right hybrid cloud

Not all hybrid cloud solutions are the same so choose one that suits your needs.

Going big with small-business data

Irrespective of the size of the data being captured and stored, small businesses can use big data analytics to work fast...

Data science key to business success

Companies that use data science – as opposed to instinct or guesstimates – to drive decisions, are likely to be more suc...

Take the sentient approach to change

The sentient enterprise concept helps businesses rethink their strategy in a changing, connected and digital world to de...
Internet of Things

Making the most of the Internet of Things

Organisations that maximise the possibilities of the Internet of Things more competitively, with a large-scale focus, re...