Three reasons why your business needs to swap to fibre broadband

With the rising use of technology in business operations, now is better than ever to ensure you have an adequate broadband connection to support it. From restaurant QR codes to cloud-based phone systems and video calling, all these programs rely on internet to run smoothly. Not sure if you’re broadband connection is up to scratch? Read on to find out why your business needs to swap to fibre broadband.

What is business nbn® Enterprise Ethernet?

Business nbn® Enterprise Ethernet is a broadband connection that is installed by upgrading the current nbn® infrastructure that’s running to your building with a fibre connection. It allows for ultra-fast congestion free internet and is available to over 1.5 million businesses across metropolitan and regional areas. Unlike standard business nbn®, Enterprise Ethernet only uses a fibre connection which allows it to provide symmetrical speeds of up to 1000Mbps.

1. It’s fast and reliable

Just about every business has struggled with slow internet at some point. But, praying that your internet doesn’t drop out when it rains or worrying about nearby businesses clogging up the network is now a thing of the past. Enterprise Ethernet’s upgraded infrastructure means that your business is connected to the network with a much lower contention ratio and only using a fibre connection. Business Fibre Broadband also includes business grade SLAs, meaning your service is guaranteed to be working perfectly 99.95 per cent of the time. On top of that, Enterprise Ethernet provides speeds that standard nbn® simply can’t match. For businesses that are constantly chewing up bandwidth with software like Microsoft Teams, Zoom or CRMs, upgrading your connection can help put an end to those mid call dropouts and slow loading pages.

2. Upgrading the infrastructure is completely free for most businesses

Businesses can’t always justify switching broadband connections as it’s usually a costly process. Upgrading the infrastructure to your premises can cost thousands, which has been a major limitation in the past for businesses upgrading. 97 per cent of Australian businesses are now eligible for a $0 fibre build when connecting to business nbn Enterprise Ethernet, making fibre broadband more accessible than ever.

3. It’s cheaper than ever

Business nbn Enterprise Ethernet was once considered a service only for big businesses in CBD locations. But with major price reductions making it 70 per cent cheaper than what it was 10 years ago, fibre broadband has become a lot more affordable for businesses in both metro and regional areas. With plans starting from only $299 per month, the service has become a cost-effective and simple solution for businesses looking to gain enterprise-grade connectivity, but at an affordable price.

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