What could a virtual assistant do for your small business?

As technology is ever growing and constantly improving, businesses are forced to keep up with the times. Technology has allowed businesses to advance with their processes and has introduced a new type of assistant, the virtual assistant. Outsourcing daily administrative duties allows business owners to focus on more important tasks. Virtual assistants do not only take on just administrative duties, but they can also be in charge of overseeing and managing social media accounts, telephone inquiries, CRM, organising events, research, and even virtually ordering you a coffee/lunch via uber eats!

Here are five ways in which a virtual assistant can streamline your business:

1. Streamline costs

The biggest perk of having a virtual assistant is that they are only paid for the hours they work. If they do not work, they are not paid. Unlike hiring an employee, it is between the business and the assistant to come to an agreement on the hours worked per week/month. As the assistant is a business owner themselves, it is not the company’s responsibility to pay them any extra benefits. VA’s will also charge less than an in-house assistant and you as a business owner do not have to incur overhead costs associated with an office space, computer and superannuation.

2. Improve efficiency

Time is the most valuable asset to a company. By hiring a virtual assistant, it allows for more time returned to the business owner and daily essential tasks can be delegated and outsourced. Jobs that are not considered “essential” are:

  • Filtering and managing emails
  • Organising events
  • Managing calendars
  • Phone handling
  • Website management
  • Industry research
  • Database entries
  • Creating graphics
  • Follow up emails

3. Improve productivity

With no office distractions, virtual assistants work alone which allows them to hit maximum productivity. They have greater autonomy and therefore have the freedom to get more done. Along with having no distractions, virtual assistants are highly experienced. This means business owners do not have to spend time, money, and effort in training them.

4. Increases flexibility

As virtual assistants are hired from anywhere in Australia, they are not constrained by a 9 to 5 work schedule. Hiring someone from the other side of Australia or someone locally from Perth who works from home/after hours gives companies the option of having their business managed 24/7. Different time zones play an important role if entrepreneurs want greater flexibility in their business.

5. Increase and maintain competitiveness

Virtual assistants are the businesses eyes and ears; therefore, they monitor any changes within the market. VA’s keep tabs on the current market and competitors, and collate any feedback from customers. By constantly documenting changes, virtual assistants can improve current operations or implement new strategies. This not only maintains the company’s competitiveness but can also set a new standard in the market.

Brooke Arnott, Managing Director, The Small Business Lounge

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