Small-business technology trends in 2016: Infographic

Our infographic highlights the technology trends that are driving new ways of doing business in 2016.

Most small-business owners and operators have always wanted to give their customers the best service as possible and at the same time manage all the operations of the business efficiently, all while maintaining good cashflow in their business. Despite this, however, many often overlook the latest technology trends, and some the role of technology itself, to improve the overall performance of their business.

According to a survey conducted by the NSBA in 2010, 98% of small-business owners think it is important to keep up with new technology. Larry Nannis, NSBA chair, said that small businesses look to technology as a critical tool to increase efficiency and grow business networks, which is particularly important now given the downturned economy. The role of computers and other digital technologies are very much needed in the small-business sector to keep up with the tight competition.

This infographic presents the latest technology trends this 2016. From comprehensive customer-relationship management tools to mobile payment options, and virtual offices to marketing automation software, these digital tools will help you to efficiently manage your business, have a competitive edge in the market, and the sales targets and revenues you always dreamt of.


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