How to maximise and leverage your business intuition

Do you trust and follow your intuition in business? The world’s most successful entrepreneurs live and die by it. Intuition is that elusive x factor that makes them the pinnacle of their industries. By using and leveraging your intuition, you can make faster, better decisions.

What is intuition?

Intuition is a culmination of experiences, instinct, and the senses. Intuition can include heightened touch, sight, smell, taste, hearing and feeling. When you shake someone’s hand when you meet them for the first time and look them straight in the eye, you may instinctively sense whether you can trust this person or not. The strongest sense for many people is the sense of feeling. This is a knowing feeling, a profound experience, as opposed to feeling anxious or a fear-based emotion. It’s an all-knowing feeling in your gut that something is wrong. You may not know exactly why, or have any logical reasoning for feeling that way, but in that very moment, you know to listen and to trust that overwhelming feeling of danger. Conversely, intuition can be warm, glowing, and radiating from your heart – a true inner sense of knowing that everything is going to be okay.

The science behind gut decisions

When considering bringing on a new major client, it can all look great financially on the surface, yet your heart might not have a great feel about them. Connecting with your gut, you also get an off feeling. Science demonstrates we have over 100 million neurons in our gut (our second brain) and only 10 million neurons in our brain. It’s now time to look as how to use your gut intelligence to make a holistic decision that is best for your customers, you and your company. So how do we make better decisions?

Firstly, what are your core values? Are you looking for this new client purely for financial reasons? Or are you looking for the right clients long term – easy to manage, pay on time and most importantly highly value your products and services? Tapping into and using your intuition will allow you consciously and unconsciously to attract and connect with better clients as you stay true to purpose in serving your ideal target market.

Leverage your intuition and make better decisions

Albert Einstein said, “I think 99 times and find nothing. I stop thinking, swim in silence, and the truth comes to me.” Follow this simple process and make better business decisions intuitively.

Close your eyes for one to two minutes:

  1. Hear and then let go of your thoughts.
  2. Allow all of your emotions to come forward.
  3. Release negative emotions through your body, the floor and into the earth.
  4. Visualise and feel happy times – children, partner, family or animals. Love with all your heart.
  5. Coming from a happier and more loving place, now confidently make your decision.

Now that you have cleared your mind from overthinking and negativity and have released you from fear, you can come from a more loving a peaceful place towards yourself and others. This calm and peaceful place allows you to make much better business decisions, more aligned with your values. With practice and consistency you too will be able to maximize and leverage your intuition in business. Take a few minutes out each day just for you. Having a clear mind, and a peaceful heart will allow you to become more of heart-based business that you and especially your clients will love.

Craigh Wilson, intuitive, mentor, and author of “Intuitive”

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