Bizruption comes to Melbourne

Bizruption Melbourne

Our goal of digitally engaging majority of small businesses throughout Australia cannot be achieved alone. To create massive change, we must first generate mass awareness and so Bizruption was born.

Bizruption is an event that focuses on small business innovation and has become increasingly popular among small-business owners, start-ups and investors. Bizruption delivers a nationally important message that can change the course of small business in every state and we believe your presence could be invaluable toward the shaping of a better, richer Australia.

So why is Bizruption important?

We created it to address a nationally important issue impacting the realm of small businesses throughout Australia. A recent Access Economics study showed that only 16% of the 2.1 million Australian SMEs are fully digitally engaged, which meant over 80% of businesses were struggling inside an old paradigm.

This has a huge and increasing impact on our economy and our levels of unemployment. With over a million small businesses closing down between 2010 and 2015, according to ABS stats. In 2016 two of the most common reasons for bankruptcy were lack of strategy and/or digital engagement, both of which are the focus of Bizruption.

According to Deloitte research, a digitally engaged business will earn an average $350,000 in boosted revenue or grow 20% faster. The research also showed digitally engaged businesses earn double the revenue per employee than those who are not, create more job opportunities and as a result would be a greater asset to the economy.

Our motivation for our start-up was fuelled by the above research, to build an innovative platform to help remove the reluctance small businesses owners have in moving to the digital age. Due to our ability to scale, we are confident in our goal to make low-level digital engagement in this country a thing of the past.

This October we will be taking their first brave steps outside NSW hosting our first ever interstate Bizruption right near Melbourne’s heart. Join us for an exciting evening that would never have been possible if not for the support of our sponsor ANZ bank. The Victorian minister for Small Business and Innovation, the Hon. Philip Dalidakis will attend as the guest of honour.

At Bizruption you will meet and connect with like-minded small-business owners and technologists, share innovative ideas and even discuss the many obstacles we face.

The event, which takes place at ANZ, 833 Collins Street, Docklands from 5.30pm to 8pm on 10 October, will include:

  • a chance to promote yourself and your business
  • a Success story from profiled Entrepreneur
  • 10 minutes disruption in industry session
  • a thought leadership session, and
  • ample opportunities for networking.

Dinesh De Silva, CEO and founder, NetStripes