How to break up without your business breaking down


Daily life as a business owner is a balancing act of juggling personal and professional life. We’re often told not to mesh the two, but sometimes it just isn’t possible, particularly when you’re going through a breakup.

As a small-business owner with goals and responsibilities, you need to operate at your best for the overall future success of the business. But a relationship break-down naturally takes a significant toll on emotional and mental health. Prioritising time to focus on strategies to manage the various feelings and challenges are even more important as an entrepreneur.

Here are my top five tips on balancing your emotions and staying in control during a breakup.

1.Set aside screen-free time

Running a business, you likely spend much of the day glued to your phone or computer screen. Whilst experiencing a breakup, the temptation to read or send an emotionally driven message is heightened, not only is it disruptive to business it is also emotionally exhausting. Allowing yourself downtime away from emails, texts and phone calls is key to emotional recovery. Allocate designated time every day to screen detox and permit yourself the freedom to just zone out. Even committing to an hour of screen-free ‘me-time’ can accelerate healing and reduce stress.

2.Connect with others

As important as “me-time” is, it’s just as important to maintain connection with your support system. Of course, you don’t necessarily need to talk about your relationship breakdown or use your social network as free counsellors, but social bonds are scientifically proven to reduce stress, decrease blood pressure and boost mental health – all vital to overcoming your breakup. While sharing the details of your relationship is likely a no-go in the workplace, trying to spend more time talking with your team, acknowledging, and appreciating them will strengthen team spirit and raise enthusiasm and positivity you might be lacking personally.

3.Get an early start

Morning person or not, it’s normal for breakups to decrease motivation. Hitting the snooze button and delaying starting your day only disempowers you. Getting up half an hour early can lead to better productivity and mental clarity. Additionally, those extra 30 minutes in your day can be spent bettering yourself doing things like, exercising, setting daily tasks, or meditating. By creating positive new habits, you’ll begin to move forward with certainty, staying focused on the end goal and reducing mind chatter detrimental to the business.

4.Revisit your goals

A breakup is the perfect time to redefine goals and consider what is truly important moving forward. Coming out of a relationship, chances are some of your goals were set with your partner and current lifestyle in mind. Now is the time to reevaluate where you’re heading. The challenges of a breakup are temporary, and the future is full of opportunity, so reflect on what you truly want from life and your business and begin setting a new action plan.

5.Time to heal or skills to deal?

There is no right or wrong way to handle a breakup. In business, you’re used to working to the clock and delivering on time. But when coping with a breakup, there is no deadline. Allow yourself time to grieve and heal. Business doesn’t have to suffer, seeking out professional support independent of your network speeds up healing and helps keeps your business goals on track.

Managing a breakup is a uniquely challenging process for everyone, but just like owning your own business, you oversee how you react to the situation. By implementing these five tips you can continue to show up in life and business as the best version of yourself.

Louanne Ward, Relationship Strategist, Writer and Motivational Speaker