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How to break up without your business breaking down

In business you’re used to working to the clock and delivering on time but coping with a breakup has no deadline, so allow yourself time to grieve a…

Five ways SME owners can win in business and in love this festive season

Relationships are strained in the festive season as families plan Christmas parties and boozy lunches while SME owners are packing orders and doing ad…

What’s love got to do with it?

Just four little letters can transform a business on the brink of defeat, and blow wind into the sails of one ready to take off – those letters are LO…

Five marketing mistakes small-business owners make

Five marketing mistakes that can easily become learning opportunities that will ultimately lead to the growth of your small business.


Top ten tips to close more deals by harnessing your greatest asset

It’s time to level up your communication by harnessing the two most powerful assets you have right now…your voice and ears!


10 healthy habits to adopt as a business owner

Adopting healthy habits is key to achieving success not only in business but also in personal relationships, elevating both to new levels.


Seasonal business rollercoaster can hit you and your relationships hard

The seasonal highs and lows your business is likely to experience can be stressful not only to yourself but also for your partner in life.


The ugly truth of the risk of risqué business

There is a grave risk in taking workplace relations to a more than just a “collegial” relationship, one that can adversely affect the business.


Redefining the essential skills of negotiation

The key to a successful negotiation is not just in the words but also in the non-verbal aspects such as hand gestures and handshakes.

fall back in love with business

Falling back in love with your business

Maintaining passion and enthusiasm in business can be a challenge, but you need to fall back in love with the business to achieve your goals.


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