Give your idea wings – real-life case study

See how an SME owner on the Sunshine Coast developed a business plan from their initial idea and actioned that plan to make their business a success

In our series on business planning, we’ve looked at your UVP and your idea, fleshed it out, and written a business plan. Now it’s time to SEE HOW a gelato business put it all together.

Case study

Who:     Leonard Stanley

What:     Gelato Mio

Where:  Coolum Beach, Qld

When:    2003


Len at Gelato Mio has revived traditional Italian gelato-making methods and recipes to create pure, simple products in a sustainable way.

He buys his ingredients locally, sourcing the finest ingredients such as award-winning Guernsey milk from the Sunshine Coast hinterland, free-range eggs, fresh local produce and premium chocolates.

The award-winning gelato and sorbets are free of artificial ingredients, colourings, flavourings and chemicals. Fat and sugar content is naturally low.

Working with Rod Richards, Manager, Business Enterprise Centre Sunshine Coast, resulted in the value proposition you’ll see here, and working with a designer resulted in distinctive artwork to reinforce the Gelato Mio branding.

Gelato Mio’s value proposition

Clearly articulate how business provides a specific solution to customer pain, helps get their job done and create a valuable, gainful experience. Create a compelling collection of reasons why customers should buy from you and not buy an alternative.

What customer segment is the value being created for?

Ice-cream eaters – adults, families on holidays, children

What are the movers – what will make customers change to your product, e.g. improve, increase, eliminate, save?

The ice cream is full flavoured – using natural fruit bases

What gain, end benefit does the customer gain from the business?

Yummy food
Feel happy and consider a treat
Fresh food

What is the specific product or service provided to customers?

Family home pack and make special order ice-cream cakes for kids parties or birthdays
Cakes for special occasions – or corporates

What makes this offering different special or unique?

Natural original Italian recipes that are secret

What clearly differentiates this product from other alternatives?

We make ice cream fresh daily and only use natural ingredients

What proof and evidence substantiate the value proposition?

Our ice cream won gold medal at the Brisbane Ekka Show

What metrics can be used to measure the outcome, e.g. percentage, dollar, time?

Use less fat and result in 89% fat-free because many makers of commercial ice cream use butter and other additives

Combining the points

Write one or two sentences that combine the important points from the previous criteria.

Then define these two sentences into one clear, compelling statement.

Define two or three supporting points that define the message.

Write in a language that resonates with the customer – avoid jargon.

Consider the outcome that customers are seeking.


Gelato Mio is an ice-cream shop

A simple pitch for speaking

Gelato Mio makes full-flavoured, handmade gelato ice creams, sorbets and ice-cream cakes.
Our ice cream is made fresh daily.
It is gluten-free and has 89% less fat than regular ice cream.
We make home packs and ice-cream cakes for birthdays and special occasions.
Gelato Mio is a Brisbane Ekka Show gold-medal winner.

A mantra

Gelato Mio – award-winning Italian ice cream – all natural – made fresh daily.

Now it’s your turn.

Your business – First pass

  1. What is your business?
  2. Pitch
  3. Mantra
  4. Supporting points




    PS Len has now sold Gelato Mio – a true validation of its success!

Rod Richards, Manager, Business Enterprise Centre Sunshine Coast, with Jackey Coyle