Trends that will help your event stand out in 2020

If your business has regular networking events, awards nights, conferences, client functions or product launches, you know what goes into ensuring your event is making the perfect impression, is on-trend and a stand-out from your competitors.

The event industry is constantly shifting, evolving and shaking things up, and the 2020 event season is already looking revolutionary! Lean closer, peer into our crystal ball and discover our 2020 event trend predictions which will give your event that added somethin’.

  1. Booze-free boom
    Hangover-free is the new black! More events are being held on weekdays with people opting out of the traditional alcoholic options and instead choosing healthier drinks such as kombucha, local cold-pressed juices, craft sodas, craft teas and no or low alcohol beer and wine. Move over tired, haven’t-evolved-since-the-80s sugary soft drink options; expect to see electrifying variety on the menu in 2020!
  2. Live-streaming
    It is now possible to “attend” music concerts, live workshops and even product launches online, from the comfort of your armchair. For internationals, introverts, people who are unwell or just can’t go in person – live-streamed events are the key. Some of the most live-streamed events in history include Queen Bey’s performance at Coachella and the SpaceX rocket launch. This virtual trend is on the rise.
  3. Immersion
    Interactive and immersive events have been proliferating for some time, and in 2020, with tech exploding, we expect them to soar! Look to event leaders in London, the US and Japan, where interactive event and activation experiences are some of their biggest attractions, enticing and inspiring tourists from all around the globe. Walk through projected water, slide down giant lollypops, walkthrough paintings, or watch your hand-drawn creations come to life!
  4. Sustainability and accountability
    The events industry is guilty of producing massive amounts of waste every year, with some of the top offenders being food, paper and plastic branded collateral and styling pieces. Expect to see a huge jump in event organisers opting for reusable options, projection and lighting overprinting, and partnering with the community to repurpose flowers, styling and food.
  5. Personalisation
    Customisation to create the ultimate guest experience. This not only creates authenticity but demonstrates genuine care for your guests. Putting together playlists of guests’ favourite songs, embossing chairs with guests’ names and treating your guests to researched personal gifts (star sign necklaces, bouquets of their fave flowers etc.) to take home and hopefully share on social media. Give guests a shared sense of purpose and opportunity beyond the event itself.
  6. Unique venues
    Function centres work but they’re oh so predictable. People love the gift of the unexpected and are more eager and engaged when presented with something fresh, so the event venue should be an experience in itself. 2020 is the year of events in hidden, unexpected nooks, castle ruins, floating barges, platforms raised by a crane, unpredictable or extravagant private residences and natural wonders. Think lighthouses, historical sites, old fire stations…the possibilities are endless.
  7. Inclusivity
    2020 events will genuinely focus on accessibility and a range of options for guests from all walks of life. Culinary dishes will expand to include more substantial vegan and vegetarian options, while speech, language and disability barriers will be smashed. Make your event more accessible by integrating online apps to assist vision-impaired guests to hear descriptions of visual installations and activities; handout earplugs or sound-proof headphones for those who struggle with sensory overstimulation; engage Auslan Interpreters for speeches. Ensure your venue is wheelchair accessible with plenty of seating options.

Tamara Cook, Director, Known Associates Events

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