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Sonia Gibson

Sonia Gibson is the Founder of Accounting Heart Chartered Accountants. Even as a child Sonia loved solving puzzles – particularly those that had anything to do with numbers, so it is only natural that she became an Accountant. Establishing Accounting Heart has given Sonia the perfect way to combine this love of all things numbers with her passion for helping others. Having worked as a Chartered Accountant and Business Advisor for over 20 years, Sonia became frustrated with the limitations of traditional accounting firms, seeing the need for a different approach to financial matters that incorporates both the head and the heart, particularly in situations where life and finances collide. During my professional career Sonia has worked as a Partner with leading Sydney accountancy firms, including a BRW top 100 firm. She has had extensive experience assisting publicly listed companies right through to individuals and small businesses – each with their own set of circumstances. Sonia has developed a full suite of service offerings for Accounting Heart, catering for individuals, businesses, trusts and self managed super funds.

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