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Rob Ranoa

Rob Ranoa is the founder of Hypop, a specialist photography equipment store for entry to mid-level photographers. Launched in 2010, Hypop was initially launched as an online wholesaler and distributor, providing complete product solutions at a fraction of the price. Over the years, Hypop has evolved to become the go-to site for budding photographers, educating them with tutorials and how-to blogs, expanding to carry over 3,000 products, and eventually launching its own in-house brand, Spectrum. Employing a young and dynamic team of creatives with photographic and video expertise across a range of specialist areas, Hypop prides itself on providing tailored advice for customers, giving them the knowledge and skills to create the highest quality, professional looking images and video. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, Rob and his team have worked with a number of small businesses with no previous photography experience, helping them create the content they needed to move their businesses online.

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