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Nick Frandsen

Nick Frandsen is Managing Partner at Dovetail, a full-service digital agency that specialises in helping clients build innovative customer-facing products at scale. As an example, Dovetail designs, builds and hosts Afterpay's consumer-facing products and have helped them grow to an ASX listed company valued at $25B – with over 10m customers. Dovetail’s operating model combines that of a services company with an early-stage startup incubator – reinvesting capital from the services business into funding and growing our own portfolio of technology companies. Internal capital is further combined with outside capital from VCs and corporate investors such as Blackbird Ventures and Qantas to seed high-growth companies. Companies in which everyone at Dovetail have an ownership stake. Nick splits his time between Auckland and Sydney. Come say hi if you’d like to discuss a new idea or hear more about how they might be able to help your firm – or if you just want a good game of table tennis.

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