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Ed Randow-Stone

Ed Randow-Stone is the Director of Customers, APAC at Lightspeed and manages teams who are responsible for the success of customers using Lightspeed technology. Growing up in Lyttelton, Christchurch NZ, Ed started working in hospo in high-school, washing dishes and doing catering. He went to university with no idea what he wanted to do and dropped out after six months to be a bartender. In 2010, Ed moved to Sydney to make his fortune and progressed his career from Rockpool Bar and Grill, Grounds of Alexandria, Dead Ringer and Hubert as bartender, sommelier, waiter and manager. In 2017, Ed joined Kounta (which later was acquired by Lightspeed) on the sales desk where he founded the customer team a year later and began working on account management. Now Ed manages four teams, 21 employees in total, who all work fully remotely and are responsible for the success of Lightspeed customers.

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