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Carolyn Dorrian

Carolyn Dorrian is the founder and director of Dorrian and Co Lawyers. Her vision is to focus on Australian SMEs and help them find international opportunities and set up risk-managed operations through partnerships, branch offices or full subsidiary operations in the respective country, as well as ensure that they have good commercial, compliance, and tax agreements in place.

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Legal obligation of employers during a global pandemic – Part 2

Amendments may be required to employment agreements to ensure that they address long-term and permanent work from home a...
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The legal obligation of employers during a global pandemic – Part 1

Over a year into the pandemic many employers are engaging in a hybrid work setting and making it an option for their em...
Carolyn Dorrian

Beyond words: Understanding what you are signing

In relation to the contract terms of what you are signing, there are only a few sections generally that you need to ensu...
Carolyn Dorrian

Top tips for end of financial year

To avoid the end of financial year – EOFY – mad rush, businesses should start taking action now to prepare. A smooth and...