Finding and engaging your target audience – Part 2

Most business owners would love to say they know exactly who their target audience is, however when it comes to actually answering this in detail, a large portion are quite unsure how to fully define who their audience comprises of.

Given that in many cases they aren’t entirely sure, the flow-on effect is that their marketing strategy doesn’t quite fit their audience. This then results in low engagement and then low conversions. Understanding in detail your audience and marketing to them directly should be of high priority for all business owners wanting to create an effective marketing strategy.

Last month we looked at the most effective ways of finding your target audience, so now here are four ways to successfully engage with them.

1. Put your audience first

I can’t stress enough how important it is that you put your audience first. It’s important to create content, customer service and touch points which are helpful, useful, interesting and / or entertaining. Helping your customers solve their problems should be at the top of the list.  Your business needs to fill a gap in your customers’ life. Through recognising this and basing your marketing strategies around solving problems and being of benefit allows you a springboard to grow your business.

2. Key benefits

Rather than selling your product or service, promote the benefit. Taking this approach will have a remarkable effect on the interest in your business.

3. Urgency counts

Whether it’s a “limited introduction offer”, “early bird special” or “limited edition”, how can you create a sense of urgency in your business? I’m not a fan of promoting a business via a discount or price, as this has the tendency to put your business in a dangerous position of being price sensitive. Rather, promote with something tangible or value adding.

4. What actions to take next?

The majority of people forget to add “call to action” to their content. Whether it’s at the end of your blog article, podcast episode, social media updates, website pages, where should you add call to action…..?  Spend five minutes going through your marketing collateral to see where you’re currently missing out on this opportunity.

Understanding your ideal customer is an incredibly important element in building your business. Really understanding your primary and secondary audiences will make a large difference in creating a successful small business.

Alison Morgan, Founder, Relauncher