The secrets to a successful family business

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Wayne and I initially formed W.K & M.A Ferguson Pty Ltd in 1976 to undertake garden maintenance and fire prevention works with Esso Australia at their Longford Plants.

Working with Esso initially at their Longford Plants meant we were able to establish a solid relationship. We have also worked at their Barry Beach Marine Terminal, the Long Island Point plant and with their offshore projects.

Longford Plants Manager, David Anderson, says that Esso Australia has worked with many local companies over the years that were formed in order to fulfil their requirements, and that ours is the type of family that started companies over the kitchen table that then grew from generation to generation and expanded with their operations.

Fast-forward to 2019, and our business, now Ferguson Civil Construction, has expanded to 60 locally-employed people working on projects across Melbourne and the Gippsland area. We still work with Esso Australia but have diversified our offerings in order to create new business. We are a close-knit team who offer a variety of construction services, from facilities maintenance to civil and concrete construction, demolition, and environmental rehabilitation.

As a small business myself, I’d like to offer my insights into a successful business. I’d say to any small business looking to expand their commercial footprint to ensure that they build good relationships with clients. Put in the extra mile: pay attention to detail, ensure health and safety is at the forefront of any activities you do and ensure the wellbeing of your employees.

Our longevity created the foundation to diversify our business over the years, take on new work all while retaining a highly trained and skilled workforce. For our business, ensuring that we employ locally and offered training opportunities is a key component of our operation.

Health and safety are paramount for our employees and customers, and our impressive track record is indicative of our care and commitment to the work we do. Additionally, we want to be able to put back into the community which we all have lived and worked in for so long. We encourage all of our employees to actively participate in community programs, whether that be wetland conservation, fundraising for local charities or sitting on local boards and committees.

Ann Ferguson, Commercial Manager, Ferguson Civil Construction

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