The benefits of a mentor

Mentoring and Coaching concept illustration on virtual screen.

Regret is something that can often play on our minds. It is not solely the regrets we currently have, but the fear of having regrets in our future.

Hindsight is the perspective we all long to have in the moment of an actively challenging situation, yet we are only privy to these insights upon reflection.

Both these states have a common theme and a valuable one at that – time.

We spend time:

  • worrying that we might have regrets, or
  • impulsively reacting to ensure that we don’t
  • in hindsight reflecting on our lessons and learning, slowly.

Being an entrepreneur, time is your most valuable commodity and learning to identify where to spend your time is essential. Learning from a mentor, someone who has been through a similar journey and is able to bring a variety of skills, knowledge and wisdom is worth investing your time in.

This certainly has been the case for me. Working with a mentor is a non-negotiable resource in my business. Having a mentor to assist me in applying practical and tried and tested approaches. Testing out theories, and conversing on creative ways to keep my re-enthused and consistently able to bounce ideas around. Without a mentor, I wouldn’t have had such a successful and established business as quickly as I have.

Having had a life and career of many successes and challenges the one thing I can say is that I have an incredible respect for time.

I am conscious of where I invest my time, what I give my time to and how I use my time. To invest in others to support them to develop personally and professionally to positively impact and influence society through my Mentoring is priceless.

What I love about being a mentor is how I can work with my clients to wake them up to their own regret, hindsight and reaction stories. Having these lessons explored the moment they are occurring and presenting, through mentoring saves so much time and confusion and advances the mentees sense of self-awareness quicker than experiencing the numerous challenges that entrepreneurship entails on their own.

You see, we all have habits that we fall back on when faced with challenges. Working with a mentor who has a strategic view and perspective can bring awareness to your patterns, your reactions and responses. From having had similar experiences through their journey, wisdom to impart and invest in you, is the most empowering way to consciously escalate and evolve actively through change successfully.

Together we literally save hours of anguish, regrets or the need for reflection because we’ve actively noticed and responded accordingly in the present, while learning.

Mentees are encouraged and supported to shed unnecessary burdens, to own their actions, to enjoy responsibility, and actively seek meaning in what they do. They literally evolve in weeks, not years. They advance beyond their own expectations quicker and they enjoy it because it’s a partnership.

However, I have noticed there is maybe one regret, one reflection through hindsight, that we never resolve, and that is…..

They wish they’d got a mentor sooner!

Alison Callan, Business and Mindfulness Coach