Five ways to increase your chances of success in 2020 if you’re a start-up

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We’re already deep into the first month of 2020 and so far, you’ve probably seen some exciting new opportunities for your business and also already hit some bumps in the road.

This new year (new decade, in fact) is still completely all yours for the taking. You just need to prime yourself and your business for the best success possible.

Below are five tips for how to increase your chance for success in 2020.

1. Choose a great environment for success

Many start-ups begin in bedrooms, garages and studies, but these aren’t the best locations for concentration or focus. Have you ever begun a working day at home and ended up with a spotless house by COB but not many emails sent?

If you want to knuckle down this 2020, I suggest picking a space or zone that is designed for concentration and productivity, such as a co-working space. You need somewhere quiet, free of distractions and if possible, around like-minded people. Plus, did you know that you subconsciously mimic those around you as a “that fire in your brain” (monkey see, monkey do)? Therefore, if you surround yourself with people working hard and smashing goals, you’re more likely to too.

2. Don’t do it alone

As I touched on above, it’s an incredibly advantageous move to surround yourself with like-minded people and lean on advisors and people who’ve gone where you’re going. It’s not only hard to go at it alone, it’s a hindrance to your business. Ask for help, listen to advice, lean on a community of entrepreneurs – trust me, you’ll go further quicker when you go with others.

3. Write lists and set goals

Having lists and goals will keep you on track and hold you accountable to yourself. Without any goals to head toward, you’ll be stumbling around getting distracted at every shiny object along the way.

It’s also good to have a smaller number of specific goals than a large list. As Warren Buffet suggests, you should write a list of 25 goals, then narrow it down to your five top ones that you focus all your energy and commitment on.

4. Dress your business for success

You may have heard of dressing for success, but have you thought about dressing up your business for success? Just as you need to straighten your tie, you need to polish your business off too.

Impressive business cards, having a business address and phone number – receptionist too if you can – and smart-looking facilities to work from all show prospective clients that you’re serious about what you do. Have you considered a virtual office? It’s the suit and tie for your business when starting out.

5. Earners are learners

As humans, and especially as businessmen and women, we are constantly learning. Luckily for any entrepreneur, there’s a wealth of information and content constantly being produced. Read as much as you can, listen to podcasts and follow people you look up to on social media.

Success is not a linear road, nor is it an easy one, but there are things you can do along the way to increase your chances of getting there. Put yourself in an environment that primes you for productivity, surround yourself with like-minded people, write lists and set goals, dress your business for success, and lastly, consume as much content as you can. You’ve got this.

Chris Jbeily, Marketing Manager, Waterman Business Centres